Jul 14
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My new office seat is almost done. Here are some pics.

Feb 07
Category: Electronics

Connected my VFD to my Arduino. Pics and code here.

Feb 06
Category: Electronics

Bus Pirate 3.5 Self Test Passed

Finished my second project tonight. It’s a Bus Pirate 3.5a-SOIC   from Dangerous Prototypes. Again one of the most difficult things I’ve ever built.

More pictures here.

Feb 04
Category: Electronics

Today I completed building my Bus Pirate Shield for Arduino from Dangerous Prototypes.  This was the most difficult project I’ve ever built.

More Pictures Here.

May 18
Category: Miscellaneous

On slashdot: US Government Recognizes, Funds Video Games As Art. I’d tell you more about it, but I’m working on my World of Warcraft ART PROJECT!

May 18
Category: planetjay.com

Website now has a Facebook Page. Button on left. Few new links, etc. More changes soon.

Aug 06

Click here.  Also I’ve added a link to all the episodes in Other Links Area on the right. I love that squirrel!

Aug 05
Category: planetjay.com

Added Facebook Badge. Some new links including xkcd and updated a few links. Theme is coming together nicely. More stuff soon.